• Chocolatini - Duplin Winery Drink Mix

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Chocolatini - Duplin Winery Drink Mix

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Chocolatini Sweetzer.  Enjoy a little south of the border frozen treat!!

Satisfy your chocolate cravings with this wine and cocoa creation. Hatteras Red with Chocolatini makes a perfect combination.

A red wine delight!

All you need is a pitcher and a bottle of wine!  Non-alcoholic wine is great too!!

10 oz mix

Need a gift for someone special? Duplin's bright colored slush mixes make unique and fun gifts and are a perfect addition to any gift basket.

    Plus our wine slush mixes are easy to make!


  •   add a bottle of wine(750 ml)  OR   15 oz of clear liquor (your preference)
  •   when using wine, add 5 cups of water----with clear liquor, add 6 cups of water
  •   mix in 1 gallon freezer bag or container
  •   freeze until slushy
  •   serve and enjoy!


      *     to your dry slush mix:  add one bottle of wine---no water

         OR    15 OZ of clear liquor and 2 cups of water------store unused portion in fridge for up to 3 weeks!!

      *    place one cup of prepared mixture in blender and add ice

      *    blend until desired consistency!!

      *    serve and enjoy